ZOE : a machine that resembles a living creature in being capable of moving independently


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Since my robot is running on a Raspberry Pi, which is now supported by EZ-Builder,
I decided to evolve my current project K[8] into a new one called ZOE...
First steps will creating a new servo setup which supports Dynamixel Servos, 
and a new Conceptual design!! 

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I have been running thru some issues printing, because my new filament spools did not match to my filament holder...
So I had to print a new holder, which was a nice little side project!:)
While I was at it, I also setup OctoPi, which is a good tool that acts like Pronterface, 
but also offers cool features like live webcam stream and timelapse features for various cameras!


I will this thread updated on my build progress...

@nallycat My robot sits on top of a filament spool next to my monitor, its kind of  desktop bound ...
I was thinking to mount it on a tripod like you guys do it with your InMoovs, because where would it go anyways right?:D
I might explore movement options at some point in the future out of curiosity though.
After sorting out some issues with my printer, I can go on to vapor smoothing and painting my prints...:)
Sweet! Looking great so far @Mickey666Maus!

Keep the pics coming, looking forward to seeing Zoe come to life!
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Zoe is looking Good  is this the second one, I like the Rose color on Zoe number one, wait that is the color of synthiam.     what does Zoe have for arms and hands or grippers.
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@Jeremie I will be away for two weeks starting Tuesday. When I am back I will continue to keep posting on this one!!!:)

@nallycat The first picture was just a 3D image...only the idea of how I want the robot to look!! Now that I have printed the parts I can start building it!! I am happy you like the first picture better, because that is the way I want to go!!:) 
I will build Grippers that look like hands!! And will try to put Zoe together when I am back from my trip!!