Published on April 6 2013

Bluetooth Cat Tail My Sister Built , Attract Wildlife And Other Cats

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I came to my moms to work on the air soft arena and have a outdoor picnic . I walked in and my sister showed me what looked like the back end of a stuffed cat! I laughed so hard. She she got it turned on and it just runs a continuous pattern for the servo motor to twitch back and forth. She said they can sit it out in the yard and watch animals come check it out. Its false fur , lots of Velcro, one servo , a piece of wire and a repurposed tripod.
April 26 2013
I would like to see a little drawing of how she made it.

April 26 2013
OK ill tell her:)
May 23 2013
May 23 2013
Lol I guess this weekend when I see her
May 24 2013