BRAD (My First EZB Robot)

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I have been working on this for a while now and haven't gone very far. I plan on making him voice activated and have a mic module somewhere as well as a random note generator attached to the speaker that is already there. he is going to roll around on his own with the assistance of a ping collision sensor. Move his arms and hopefully torso. He is also going to have his head light up when he talks.

One of the things that I am doing that I'm not sure others are is; once i am satisfactorily done with the creation I'm going to seal him up. I am going to use the power switch that came in the original design for the RAD and use it to power on and off the ezb so I don't have to open it every time i want to turn it on.

I was having trouble with the treading and how i was going to mount the servo's for correct torque and speed. But i think i finally have that figured out.

Let me know what you think, feed back and suggestions are always welcome.
Commented December 2011
I am finally back to working on BRAD. I do have a question. I am looking into using a hbridge (probably the new one for sale here) and I am wanting to use it to control the arms of my robot. The system is already in place i just need to attach some wires and get the motor controller. I do have a question though. While I was messing around with the latest EZbuilder. I noticed that I can't have a servo movement panel for the base and a control for the motor controller to activate the arms. Is there a solution that I am not seeing?
DJ Sures
Commented December 2011
You can only have one Movement Panel at a time.

If you need to control an HBridge for arms, etc - I suggest you create a script and talk to the BV directly. A script for Left Arm Up, Left Arm Down, Right Arm Up, Right Arm Down. And in each script, send the raw commands to the hbridge.

*note: a movement panel would be useless for arms anyway. Sure you can connect two motors to it, but when you don't have seperate control with a movement panel. It's either both on one way, both on the other way, or both opposite ways.

You need to send custom commands
Commented December 2011

Awesome BOT! It sounds like things are moving along very nicely. I also have started work on a RAD 2.0 as well. I am sorry your head fell off on your bot...! My first modification was to the head. I used a few pieces of lego and hot glue. I mounted the servo on the arm piece that connects both RADs arms (on the inside). The servo has a small piece of lego (one of the round barell pieces) glued to a servo adapter. I then used a lego 'rod' to extend it up through the head of the RAD. The head of the rad has a small opening. I used hot glue and another straight piece of lego to span across the opening (so it will move the head). The rod goes through the lego and is connected to another round piece which is glued to the straight piece of lego. When you put his head back on, it goes into the original head grooves as the RAD head moved when it was stock but not as far as you may want. You can adjust this if you like by modifying the plastic ring (that goes into the front/back chest plate grooves. I did have to loosen the screws that screw the plastic ring to the head so the head moves easier in the grooves. I may put a little white grease in the grooves to reduce friction when the servo is moving the head.

Here are my pics and a short vid. I hope they can help.
Its Gonna Be RAD

I have an H bridge on the way for the track motors and will put a servo in for the gear box shifter. I am planning to get another H bridge for the arms and waist movement and will have to script that manually as DJ describes above.

How do you plan to mount your ping sensor. Right now I am thinking about putting it where the Tray went but will be experimenting with that.

Right now I am planning on a camera and upgrades lights. While I like that stock look, I am going all out for a new look and maybe even a paint job.

I look forward to seeing your progress....Nice Work!

(I just realized you have RAD 1.0 *eek* .....I think RAD 2.0 was fairly simular and hope you can use some of the stuff I did with my RAD 2.0.)
Commented December 2011
@kkeast I wish I would have done a h-bridge for the tracks, instead i am just using modified servos that are running direct to the tracks. As far as the head, i had a weird idea. Since hot glue wasn't strong enough to hold the head on, tape would be worse... OH WAIT the servo's come with screws to hold them in place!!! I attached two screws and mounted the servo to it. ( i will reinforce with hot glue)

For the ping sensor, I would like to hide it under the tray to be as inconspicuios as possible. I will probably mount it on a small servo and use it in radar mode. maaaaybe even cutting a small rectangle directly under the tray (mine has a RAD sticker the exact size/location i want to cut) and put it so the sensor is actually inside and not showing as much.

I don't think I am going to paint mine but i do think I want to add a "B" somehow. I was going to call it RAD 2.0 then i found out there is such a thing.
Commented May 2012
@Jamer Person,

Most people do not know that there are several types of hot glue. The one that holds the least is the clear type. They also make the sort of Cream colored ones. Those are the ones that hold forever. I haven't purchased any of the cream colored ones lately. I don't know where to look for them, but I know that they really hold good.

I would like to see more pictures of your robot. Is it a B9 head that you have on it? It looks cool.

Oh, you can also reinforce the hot melt glue with Silicone caulking for bathtub. This comes in white or clear. It is the same strength for both colors. It has to dry over night.

Hope this helped.

Published on Thursday, September 22, 2011