A New Dof For Inmoov's Neck/head

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I've designed a new neck mechanism for InMoov to add a degree of freedom. It still needs some fine tuning but you'll get the idea.

Commented May 2015
Ok one more kick at this! This part -Throat piston V2 ( from InMoov website/downloads) I referenced was designed by Gael Langevin. @Anthony, if you are going to leave your design on this thread, please change the attribution for the design you remixed to Gael Langevin.
Thanks Buddy
Richard R
Commented May 2015
@Anthony? What are you doing dude? This is Bob's thread... he doesn't post his stuff in your thread(s). I think you should have some respect....
Commented May 2015
Hey Bob. I started printing this but had to abort it. I realized that I didn't have enough filament to complete the print. I have more on order which should be here tomorrow. I plan on starting the neck and head again tomorrow. I will let you know the results.
Commented May 2015
@ Bob,
So far so good, I have the upper and lower neck joint done and they fit perfectly,

I'll make a short video when everything will be fit together.

Regarding Antony's modified Throat piston V2, its modification looks nice and is a good idea, except he should reference Gael Langevin as the original author.
Commented June 2015

for everbody who don´t want to make work to change the STL files from inch to millimenter.... here i did it for you.

All STL for the Neck Upgrade from Bob Houston in millimeter.


Published on Saturday, May 2, 2015