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I can't help but wonder if ez robot is going to put together "educational kits" for electronics or science classes for public schools.
Or the alternative. .
Maybe the components will be stripped off the pcb and used to line the ceiling as a decorative tile, like the way Steve Jobs lined his bathroom floor in iphones?
Commented January 2015
ROTFL! I Love it bborastero! :)
Commented January 2015
how did @bborastero get access to our secret plans! :-O
Richard R
Commented January 2015
@Stika... He is a relative of Alan Turing. He got a hold of his grandfather's Bombe and broke ez robot's cipher.... :P
Robot Doc
Commented January 2015
I'm keeping one EZB(3) and a mini ASUS touchscreen tablet running WIN XP and a early version of EZB. Ya never know when it'll come in handy.
DJ Sures
Commented January 2015
The last version of ezbuilder that supports the v3 will be put online for download - so if you still have a v3, it won't just "disappear". We haven't decided when to stop support, but I suspect it will be in approx 3-6 months.

Those who keep their v3, no problem :) they just won't get the latest updated features. Which won't matter much anyway becuase the v3 is already stable and works great :)
Avatarby jstarne1
Published Saturday, January 24, 2015