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Welcome to the EZ-Robot Community!
Did you sense the rush of creative energy when your EZ-Robot package arrived? Yeah, that's awesome! Welcome to the EZ-Robot Community Forum. My goal is to put a personal robot in every home, even if it means helping you build one! I use this forum to interact with the EZ-Robot Community. Uh oh, this is when DJ mention rules? No one likes rules! I'm sure you will find ours pretty relaxed....

Introduce Yourself
Hello! I am DJ Sures :) .. Now, it is your turn. We have a friendly community forum and you're invited. Create a short introduction thread in the General Discussion section of the website. Tell us a bit about yourself and what you are working on. It is a great way to find others with similar projects to brainstorm with.

Customer Support
DJ Sures or EZ-Robot is not responsible to support hardware purchased by other manufacturers. For example, if you purchase a motor controller from company X, you will need to contact company X to obtain support for their product. Also, we are not obligated to support programming related questions regarding the EZ-SDK.

Having Trouble?
Don't let your first reaction blame the product. We have designed a revolutionary product and therefore have taken precautions to ensure reliability. I personally test firmware and EZ-Builder before it is released. I'm not implying EZ-Robot is flawless, although it pretty much has been :). I would like you to perform a few steps before letting your fustration take the best of you.

If you are frustrated, maybe it's a good time for a cup of tea. Take a break and step back from the problem. Let the birds-eye-view reflect and process the situation from afar. Your mind might come up with a solution that surprises you! I personally experience my eureka moments in the shower!.

Is the issue hardware or software related? Perform a search on the forum to find examples or similar experiences from other users of the community. It might simply be an incorrect line of code.

We're dealing with electronics. A sworm of energy that travel along a conductive surface until... there is no conductive material left! Ooops, a bad connection. Many times we experience issues that are simply broken or dirty connections. Take a good look at your circuit and make sure it is connected correctly.

Don't assume the worst. Have a look at your polarity, is the sensor connected correctly? What about tutorial pages, you have you watched the videos or read the datasheet on the device?

Now, maybe you still have a problem. Uh Oh! Could be serious? One way to find out! Write a polite post regarding your problem. A polite question will welcome assistance from the community.

Datasheet Datasheet Datasheet
Are you integrating another product with the EZ-B? Take the time to read their datasheet. Don't worry, datasheets are always confusing! I struggle with simple datasheets too. They're always written too technical, vague and with poor grammar. I find it is easiest to print out a datasheet and re-read it over and over. It can take 5-8 times before I get it.

Also, contact the manufacturer of the item. Tell them what you are doing. Ask them for assistance, example or a tutorial on how to use their product. Remember, we can't help you with hardware from another company. We create some tutorials, but other than that it's their customer service you need to contact.

Community Driven
The Community Forum is jam packed full of very gifted individuals. You're one of them! Trust me :). All it takes is time to solve any problem. I wish there were two of me... I'm very busy building new features for EZ-Robot. It is enjoyable interacting with the community and helping in my free time. I may not be available to address your concern right away, but I try.

Post Once
Have a question? Eager for a response? Posting multiple times will not get your question answered quicker. Ask once and wait for a response. Members of the community or I will be able to help you when we have time. Do not post the same message on Facebook and this forum. No technical questions will be answered on the Facebook page.

Do Not Hijack Threads
The reasoning behind Threads and Categories is organization. This allows other members to find answers easier. If you ask a question in a thread that is unrelated to the current topic, that will cause confusion and neither question will receive proper attention. Make a new thread for your question.

Choose The Right Category
There are multiple categories to organize topics. For example, EZ-Builder questions belong in EZ-Builder. Hardware questions belong in Hardware. See the pattern? :)

Be Friendly
With logic, you're either right or wrong. Most of us will have logical discussions because this is a robot forum. However, someone might write an opinion that you do not agree with. Take a deep breath and let it slide. Do not revisit the discussion. Instead, focus on discussions that interest you. We're all here to achieve a common goal: Robotics. It doesn't mean we have to agree on everything :D

Forum Moderation
We created this forum as a live instruction manual for anyone building an EZ-Robot. The forum moderators may remove posts that do not fall within the following the educational requirements. Some examples are...

- Off Topic Comments
- For Sale Items
- Conversations outside of robotics (politics, religion, etc.)
- Resolved issues isolated incidents (i.e. internet connectivity issues)
- Hostile, insulting or bullying
- Robots built with other platforms
- Poor grammar and illegible posts

In short, we want to make the EZ-Robot Community Forum your central source for EZ-Robot Information. The information within the forum must be legible to help others build EZ-Robots.

Keep It Clean
This one is simple: Don't swear. Don't call names. :)

If you upset other users or EZ-Robot Staff by breaking any of the above rules, your account will be banned. The ban may be removed to give you a second chance if we receive an appology. If you continue to break the forum rules, you will be banned for life - without exception.

- Cause disruptive arguments with EZ-Robot staff
- Cause disruptive arguments with other members
- Improper/unreadable grammar after many notices
- Spam forum with multiple threads
- Promote products unrelated to EZ-Robot
- We receive numerous complaints of your excessive behavior from valued users

All Set?
Okay! You are ready to become an important member of the EZ-Robot Community! Start Right Here
AvatarDJ Sures
Asked on Monday, November 14, 2011