Asked January 2 2013

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I ordered my EZ-Robot kit 12-14 12 from Robot shop. I was told told it may ship 1/4/13. Today I was told it may b the end of the month? I have been very excited about starting and have have watched almost all of the videos. I ordered a new I- robot create to utillize the Roomba platform, since my 2 Roomba,s were older. I have also downloaded the EZ software, checking it out. I am getting tired of the suspense. Steve S.
January 3 2013
It took me about 5-6 days to get mine. I ordered mine about a week ago.
January 4 2013
Just curious why you ordered from Robotshop instead of direct? It can take a while ordering direct to the US because US Customs slows down the delivery, but I would only order from another site if they were in the US and I knew they had the item in stock when I ordered, otherwise, they have the same delay getting the stock, and then still need to turn it around to get to you.

January 4 2013
Thanks 4 the response,s. I never heard of EZ-Robot till I found it @ Robot Shop. My order also included Roomba gears. I ordered another EZ-Robot complete kit today, direct after noticing the 20% discount had been extended on the EZ-Robot store. Now I am twice as excited, I will build my Roomba (create) platform and bring new life to my 25 yr.old Commodore controlled "James" robot. James has 4 drive motors (6volt) that are mag clutched together, one clutch on front drive and one on back wheels. He also has a 6 v motor to raise and lower an elevator on which sits a motor driven Quickshot 5 axis Robot Arm, I think it was 3 volt. My Commodore only had 6 outputs, so I built a relay board that raised it to 12, but @ the expense of only running 1 motor @ a time. I forget what I utilized to lower the output voltage to the arm. I will have to decide on using relays, which take more battery or converting to H bridges. It might be nice to see him muti-function (multiple motor action). If I understand it right, it would take 4 H bridges if I control the front drive motors as one(same on rear). How many ports would I have left on the EZB? (need camera control servo,etc.)
Thanks Steve S
My new Create just arrived, now all I need are EZ-B,s
So many interesting projects on EZ-Robot!

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January 4 2013
My Hbridge used 4 ports and drives 2 motors, so if you need 4 of them you will be using 16 ports, so will have only 4 left. You can, of course, network up to 5 EZBs so if you need more ports the option to throw in an other EZB is always there.
January 7 2013
Got mine in Chicago in 2-3 days. Wicked fast.