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This must be great news for EZ Robot. I've only seen one tech support question coming through the forum this morning and we're moving into Christmas afternoon. Looks like things are working great for the tens of thousands of people getting EZ Robot kits and robots from santa this morning. :D
Commented December 2015
I seem to recall the same thing last year. The questions really started to roll in the next day.

Steve G
Commented December 2015
Yeah, wait for the wrapping paper to be cleared up, and food and drink to be slept off, all of the other presents played with, then the "we'll set that up properly, tomorrow" will begin. Then there may be a few questions asking for assistance over the next couple of days or so when their EZ-Robot adventure properly begins. ;)

Happy holidays guys.
Commented December 2015
We just got the adventure bot for Christmas and downloaded the ap on our iPad, but we can't seem to sync the robot in anyway. What do we do!? We only have a Mac and old Windows vista and xp. Please tell me I can get this thing to work! we are not super tech savvy, FYI
Steve G
Commented December 2015

Welcome to the forum. What will probably help you, is to go through the mobile app tutorial (linked below) which should tell you everything you need to know to get your Adventure bot up and running with the app.

Click here to view the mobile app tutorial.
Avatarby Dave Schulpius
Published Friday, December 25, 2015