Asked April 3 2016

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hi there

knows someone the code for the BlinkM App button "stop script"?
I want to skipt the BlinkM App - I only want to use Ez-Sript to stop the automatic starting LED-Demo-Mode.

DJ Sures
April 3 2016
Have you read the blinkm data sheet?

Also, have you looked at the blinkm i2c example in the ezbuilder examples folder? There is a project that shows how to use the blinkm. I am on my phone and do not remember the filename - but the search feature in ezbuilder file->open will be useful
April 5 2016
thats not what Im talking about, DJ :-)

I knows how I can change colors or shutting down the BlinkM
but before I can control the color via Script .. I need the BlinkM EZ-App and the Stop-Button to control it.

you know what I mean ?

I need the script to emulate the BlinkM EZ-Robot-App-Stop-Button.