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Just thought I would show a little video of Max showing his moves. Let me know what you think.
Commented January 2017
I'm familiar with the Kinect, and the main issue is to translate 3d joints to plain angles.

it's possible and i'm working on a user interface. btw (I hate user interfaces)
although there are a lot of noise and inferred values translating to bad angles.

I'm not familiar with VR but you can get superior results when you add body sensors e.g. black gloves and the arm sensors shown on the video.

is not cheap stuff...
Commented December 2017
I'm new to the boards so please excuse my lateness to this thread. Wonderful robot. The flexibility and fluidity of the arm movements is impressive... any updates on your progress?
Commented December 2017
I am upgrading to new ezrobot he servoes I love the quietness and strength.

I am also adding a linear lift so upper body can grow up or down depending what it’s doing. Overall it will be around 5’ up and 3’ down.

Has anyone successfully come up with a movement device so robot can be controlled by human movement.
Richard R
Commented December 2017


Has anyone successfully come up with a movement device so robot can be controlled by human movement.

Hmmm, are we celebrating new years early? That sentence doesn't make any sense to me... Can you re-word and elaborate? Do you mean something like you mentioned before?

I once made a metal frame that I strapped to my arm.. Each joint like elbow, wrist and 2 fingers had a potentiometer measuring the angle of movement. When I moved my arm the pots at each joint translated that angle movement correspondingly to a robot arm I had built (which also had an elbow, wrist and gripper). I later included a shoulder joint as well... It was kind of like doctors doing remote surgery with an advanced robot arm, if you get the picture..

Commented December 2017
Sorry for confusion. Yes I am still looking for a system that will allow my arm wrist and finger movements to be replicated on my robots arm wrist and fingers. I know the technology is available but not a reasonably priced complete system.
Asked on Monday, January 16, 2017