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That means if you can read this thread on ez-robot's forum, then the offer is still valid.

There's many thousand EZ-B v3's out there... And as you have seen with our software, attempting to maintain v3 support is causing the occasional bug (and you know my OCD dislikes bugs!). We had a thought, and it would be great to hear your feedback on the question...

We would like to purchase all EZ-B v3's back for $50 EZ-Credit.

What do you think of that? Considering we sold them for $69, that's a pretty good deal for a 3 year old PCB!

We have many amazing new features that we wish to add to EZ-Builder, but we are limited due to backward compatibility of the EZ-B v3. We surely do not have the developer resources to maintain a separate codebase for the v3 either. The new features that we would like to add are EZ-B v4 specific.

When shipping your EZ-B v3's back to us, mark the box and the commercial invoice as a Warranty Replacement. Declare the value at $5 for the entire package (even if it contains more than 1 x EZ-B v3.)

Ship to:
Customer Service
EZ-Robot Inc.
Unit 10 - 6120 11st se
Calgary, Alberta

Include your:
- Full name
- Username
- Address
- and of course the ezb v3
Commented June 2017
I sent my EZ-B V3 board back (following the instructions on the first post) over 2 months ago, but haven't received the credit for it yet.
I've emailed ezrobot support a couple of times to check if they've received it, but got told it hasn't arrived yet...

Didn't think it would take so long for the board to get to you guys from Australia.
DJ Sures
Commented June 2017
What address did you email for ez-robot support? Use the Contact Us, that's the quickest way to get hold of someone. I don't know of an actual email address for support because it uses zendesk. There isn't an actual email address for support. It would be done through contact us. They'll take care of it right away :D
Commented June 2017
Hi DJ,

Yes, I used the Contact Us as someone (Andres Porras) did get back to me fairly quickly. Problem is they keep saying they haven't received my EZ-B V3 yet.

Oh well, it probably got lost in transit...

DJ Sures
Commented June 2017
I'll have it take care of
Commented June 2017
Thank you DJ,

Appreciate your help with this :)
AvatarDJ Sures
Asked on Sunday, January 11, 2015