ARC Windows Release 2015.04.29.00

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- updated main menu flat icon with colors to easily identify menu items

- all config menus of controls changed to look the same, white background, etc...

- Camera control uses color coding for tabs

- Project History when EZ-Builder is first loaded, or NEW button is pressed. Keeps track of recent projects that you've loaded. It will display the first time that there is something to display... You'll see what I mean

- Right Click when editing soundboard ez-b to add Auto Position actions instantly to create dances and animations

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Would it be possible to use the serial connection to overcome issues with wireless? For example, could you connect 3 ezb ' s using the high speed serial connections as a way to sync multiple servos between controllers in one Auto Position control? It may still be too slow. I am just throwing out an idea. This would allow 3 ezb ' s to be attached to a master controller and might work.
Bandwidth of UART/Serial is too slow for the EZ-B. The EZ-B works at 10mbps and serial without proper rts/cts and short wires will have issues with anything over 1mbps

Also, the EZ-B doesn't accept commands over the UART - limited to the WiFi.

We have considered a USB version in the future - when we have more resources:)
Okay, I wasn't sure if the issue was latency or speed. Thanks for the answer. My mind will quit trying to figure out a way around it:)
If I think of something, i'll let you know:D
Great release. Thanks for returning the color in the UI.