ARC Windows Release 2014.05.27.00

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Software Information
This update includes a Firmware Update for the EZ-B v3 and a serial terminal for the EZ-B v4.


- Serial Terminal for EZ-B v4. Allows you to use the EZ-B v4 UART/Serial Ports as a terminal.

- EZ-B v3 firmware fix for PWM (
Right DJ especially on Mac machines running Windows, Mac keyboards are different than Windows keyboards. Some older laptops did not even have a delete key.

@tevans you can always use the virtual keyboard under all programs/accessories/ease of access/on screen keyboard. Also a easier way to take screen grabs.
BTW, thanks for the great update DJ!
Sorry if this is posted elsewhere, is there there certain format the .wav files for the ezb audio have to be in? I get an unhandled exception error when I try to load a file.
@fxrtst I know EZ-Builder can load .mp3s but DJ will have to fill in the other supported formats
Ok, I assumed .wav was supported as I was loading audio into the EZB audio and both .mp3 and .wav were listed as extensions supported for loading.
Thanks friends.
I'll try again.. But, I Am sure using te delete key...
Let me try te virtual...