ARC Release 2013.09.04.00

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I finally got around to looking into the Twitter issue. Seems they discontinued the v1 api and force everyone to use the v1.1 api. The differences are substantial so EZ-Builder was not compatible with their update. This release includes the Twitter fix...


- Camera Control has a two new variables for the object location quadrant

- Twitter fix for v1.1 api. Now updates Tweets and Images. Tweets use the Tweet() EZ-Script command. And images can be uploaded using the Camera's ControlCommand() syntax. Look at the Cheat Sheet tab when editing EZ-Script for example syntax.
Awesome! Hard workin' DJ got it done nine days ahead of schedule.:D just teasing.
United Kingdom
Excellent update... even if the date did confuse me a little:)
Yeah that was a little mishap by meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee