EZ-Builder Release 2013.07.10.00

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- Auto Positioner Controls now have Delay, Steps and servo Speed

- New EZ-Script commands (PullVar & PushVar). More information coming soon:)

- New Control: Video Player. Found under Misc. This control will play videos by the ControlCommand() syntax

- 3D Viewer has adjustable Light Color. Select from Preferences Menu
United Kingdom
Awesome news on the pullvar/pushvar commands:) That's going to be a godsend for me!
There's a pushVar/pullVar example in the Functions folder. It demonstrates what it is... The website side under the EZ-Cloud needs to be finished. Perhaps tomorrow or the next day I think...

I am getting a error when trying to run the Video Player?

ControlCommand(VideoPlayer, PlayVideo, "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\Video1.mpg")

"Unknown Window Control Command: PlayVideo"
Is it me? ... LOL
1) Did you add the Video Player control? It is found under Add Control -> Misc -> Video Player

2) The name of the control is "Video Player", not "videoplayer"... Notice the space between the two words. You can see the nane of the control in the title bar of the control.

3) Use the Cheat Sheet tab to display the available ControlCommands() for controls added to a project. I always recommend using the Cheat Sheet tab when adding ControlCommands()

User-inserted image
I'm excited to see it work with your VidEyes!:D

I never used the Cheat Sheet tab when adding ControlCommands().
Maybe now I won't have so many problems *blush*
As always, thanks for the help.
United Kingdom
@Herr Ball, Cheat Sheet is click & paste, it makes it so much easier.
Release 2013.07.10.00

After new download, I can not run "Rich,s rss news feed to the second story. It will not respond to yes or no, like it did in earlier versions.
I still would like to see a download option for earlier versions! Like I mentioned before.
It might be a good option for certain robot projects.
I know DJ said updates are suppose to work with existing projects.
I appreciate updates, but I would like this option.
Can you help?
Steve S
United Kingdom
I'll take a look at the rss script although I don't think it should have made a difference.
Thank you Rich for looking @ this.
Steve S
United Kingdom

It's the


$response = WaitForSpeech(30,"yes","no")

which is causing the problems. "yes" or "no" both halt the script with


Error on line 24: Invalid expression construction: "yes".

@DJ this is the project. It looks like the WaitForSpeech command is the problem.

A quick test script of


$answer = WaitForSpeech(30,"yes", "no")

shows the same result.

In fact, any possible phrases I tested show the same error. I will assume it's a problem with the command unless corrected.
You are so helpful to everyone. Thank You.
I am still wondering why it worked with older version?
What changes do I have to to do for the new version?
Steve S
United Kingdom
I just edited my last post with more info for @DJ. Hopefully it's a simple fix in EZ-Builder.

So far, and I haven't spent too long on it but long enough to get a pretty good idea of the problem, I would say it needs an EZ-Builder update but we shall wait for DJ to confirm it.
Thank You Rich,
I think you have your best intentions in helping so many users.
Steve S
Interesting! Ill take a look tonight and have an update by the morning:)
Thank you Rich and D J,
Maybe there other updates being worked on and coming soon?
Lookin forward.
Steve S
Always new updates... One is in the middle of being created right now. Info soon:)
Thank You D J
I appreciate all of your great work into EZ
It is amazing, when I demonstrate my robot, I tell people about EZ Robot.
Steve S
Could this be related? I'm getting Invalid expression construction on i2cRead


$i2cAddress = 0x42
$cmd = 0x41

Print("Address: $i2cAddress ");

i2cWrite(0, $i2cAddress, $cmd)

$raw = i2cRead(0, AUTO, $i2cAddress , 2)

5: $i2cAddress = 0x42
6: $cmd = 0x41
8: Print("Address: $i2cAddress ");
> Address: 66
10: i2cWrite(0, $i2cAddress, $cmd )
12: $raw = i2cRead(0, AUTO, $i2cAddress , 2)
> Error on line 12: Invalid expression construction: "
United Kingdom
Put the i2c address variable in quotes, see if that helps. Ie "0x42" and the same for cms.

on phone at the mo but will look again when I turn on the laptop.
United Kingdom
OK that was quicker than I thought...

the code


$i2cAddress = 0x42
$cmd = 0x41

Print("Address: $i2cAddress ")

i2cWrite(0, $i2cAddress, $cmd)

$raw = i2cRead(0, AUTO, $i2cAddress , 2)

that works fine or at least didn't throw back any errors.

What I don't understand is you don't have 12 lines of code there for an error to be on line 12. Can you post just the code in the script?
Same with the quotes on the hex.


5: $i2cAddress = "0x42"
6: $cmd = "0x41"
8: Print("Address: $i2cAddress ")
> Address: 66
10: i2cWrite(0, $i2cAddress, $cmd )
12: $raw = i2cRead(0, AUTO, $i2cAddress , 2)
> Error on line 12: Invalid expression construction: "
Done (00:00:00.8990514)
It was comments causing the line numbers... I removed the comments

ez-buider 2013.07.10.00
firmware v16


1: $i2cAddress = "0x42"
2: $cmd = "0x41"
3: Print("Address: $i2cAddress ")
> Address: 66
4: i2cWrite(0, $i2cAddress, $cmd )
5: $raw = i2cRead(0, AUTO, $i2cAddress , 2)
> Error on line 5: Invalid expression construction: "
Done (00:00:00.9660552)
United Kingdom
Hold on, I just remembered my laptop isn't up to date. But that shows the code I posted worked on 2013.07.03

Give me a few minutes to update and I'll try it on the latest.
United Kingdom
Yeah, I2CRead throws an error in 2013.07.10 that wasn't there in 2013.07.03
Are the previous versions available for download? I could not find a link to other downloads.
United Kingdom
Unfortunately not since they are designed to be backwards compatible. DJ is working on an update he may be able to fix this in the same update.
Thank you.
That is a good question Skinnerfam95,
How can I get earlier versions of EZ Builder?
New Zealand
Having problem with Waitforspeech command and noticed this thread when looking for a solution.

Is it still broken?
I throw the error below in WIN 8 even though I have checked that the language and grammar match.


WaitForSpeechCommand Error: System.InvalidOperationException: The language for the grammar does not match the language of the speech recognizer.
at System.Speech.Recognition.RecognizerBase.ThrowIfSapiErrorCode(SAPIErrorCodes errorCode)
at System.Speech.Recognition.RecognizerBase.LoadSapiGrammarFromCfg(SapiGrammar sapiGrammar, Grammar grammar, Uri baseUri, Boolean enabled, Single weight, Int32 priority)
at System.Speech.Recognition.RecognizerBase.LoadSapiGrammar(Grammar grammar, SapiGrammar sapiGrammar, Boolean enabled, Single weight, Int32 priority)
at System.Speech.Recognition.RecognizerBase.LoadGrammar(Grammar grammar)
at ?.(Int32 , String[] )

Or is this a Win8 issue?