ARC Release 2012.09.20.00

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Does your EZ-Robot need faster Face Tracking? High Resolution Realtime Video? Custom Haar Tracking? Updated Camera Control? Transparent Grid Lines? And more?

Okay! This is the last update of EZ-Builder for a few days, because I need to sleep. I don't know how I did it, but this has been a very productive week of releases. This release is a complete re-write of the camera control. You will notice an updated interface, new options and a new layout. The new layout is much easier to navigate and supports the new High Resolution Realtime Video display.

In the next while, I am working on a custom Haar Cascade Trainer built into EZ-Builder. This means you will be able to train objects to be recognized in EZ-Builder. Right now, you can use existing Haar Cascades definitions for tracking.

- New Control Commands (CameraViewProcessed, CameraViewRealtime)
- High Resolution Realtime Video
- Adjustable transparency on Grid Lines for Processed Video
- Custom Haar tracking
- Updated Camera Control Layout
- Camera Snapshot saves high resolution images
Hi DJ,

i meant the visual studio deployment approach, i was not referring to the update check within the app.

I can see why you probably implemented it this way because people have the option to update or not since they effectively download the update vs the visual studio but updating it just before runtime.


Just thought i would throw it out there:)
Oh I see. I've never been fond of the visual studio publish and update:) I think the current way is more personalized:D
Oh this is an awesome release, I need to make time to finish my Wall-E build :). Never too happy with face tracking, now i get a chance to try again....thanks man!
United Kingdom
HI Louis

Its excellent now , I can't say how much it's improved . go for it , It rocks