ARC Release 2012.09.19.00

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Software Information
Face Detection has been re-written from the ground up - and now uses less processor and is more accurate. Also in this release is an update to the EZ-SDK. This is a major release update for the SDK, which includes new features and command syntax. You may receive errors with your code against the new DLL, but the online documentation and code examples should help you through:)

- Face Detection v2 implemented (faster and increased accuracy)
- Fixed documentation of IF command examples in EZ-Script
- EZ-SDK Updated to 2012.09.19.00
United Kingdom

Just tried the the face tracking its much faster and works great on my laptop .

Many thanks

Same here, Thanks DJ!
@DJ Sures

I want to know if the new features are included in the new sdk? for example the face detection? Thanks!:)
@edison2, of course:) Any update to the SDK includes the latest features. EZ-Builder is built on the SDK.