ARC New Release 2015.04.04.00

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- New control for monitoring files that you have open for reading (File Manager found in Add Control -> General -> File Manager)

- new controls (File Manager & Com Manager) for debugging file and com usage

- new EZ-Script commands for local COM port usage (ComRead, ComWrite, ComWriteLine, ComAvailable, ComReadAll, ComWriteBinary, ComReadBinary, ComOpen, ComClose)

- Fix for referencing array's in an assignment (i.e. $x = $array[1] + $array[2] )

- ezcloud account settings displayed as a dialog if no user account is entered

- auto positoin uses options to configure the thread priority for faster response

- added corrected link for appstore link
Ah! I get it.
That's cool..
But of course, would make no sense using the EZ-Builder withouth the ez-b... Why complicate, if things are going simple.. LOL?
Tevans, there are thousands of features in ezbuilder that you would not consider simple. However, many of our more advanced users such as NASA would find then simple, such as this feature. Use the features you find easy:)

Point is, Ez robot makes it easy. You may have no use for the com port commands being discussed here. But for those who do, we made it easy. Get it?:D
If I hadn't given all of my home automation gear (virtually all of it serial port driven) to Josh Starnes, i would have immediate use for com port support.

In my opinion, the more ways we have to share data between EZ-Builder and 3rd party devices, the more flexibility we have in designing advanced robots.

Serial integration could have been done through the SDK, but having it built into EZ-Builder's script engine makes things so EZ.

Yeah DJ! Got it!
Mabe my learning curve should be forced a little bit more in that matter! LOL!
I'll try something...
Tevans, lots of time to learn:) don't be too hard on yourself for not getting features like this. I dig your enthusiasm to pick it all up! Gives me a smile when Im able to help people:D
Thanks DJ,

With controllable COM Port, this is going to be a great features. You've open up another great possibilities in EZ-B's world.