Release 2012.12.03.00

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Software Information
This release contains a few new features, enhancements and fixes. It is a recommended upgrade.

- Menu button added to "Stop Speaking"
- If/Else/Endif now supports multiple lines of code within each condition
- Sound servo Control supports an EZ-Script variable for the sound level
- PWMRandom fix


Example multiline IF/Else/Endif:


$x = 1

# This is a single line condition example
if ($x = 1 )
Servo(D5, 20)
elseif ($x = 2)
Servo(D5, 30)
Servo(d5, 5)

# This is a multi line condition example
if ($x = 1)
Servo(D5, 20)
Servo(D6, 20)
elseif ($ = 2)
Servo(D5, 30)
Servo(D6, 30)
Servo(D5, 5)
Servo(D6, 5)

You make programming easier and easier, thanks:)
DJ Sure(S) is SANTA, every few days dropping goodies into our robot stockings. I belive! One of the scripts on my wish list is similar to a sound board but holds CC script which can be called up as track numbers! A place to hold commonly used commands. Anyways thanks a tankbot for all your work. and as Gunner said your making learning programming verrrrrry tempting. I can see why you love doing it....the "creator". :)
Opps... Installed new version (clean install) and now unable to load any saved file, from disk or cloud... except old V1 files (from cloud examples), but then unable to re-save them...
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Love the new power of logic you've given my robot! This makes him unstoppable in every sense of the word.

I recently demonstrated EZ-B to a robotics club at UNC they they loved it.

Thanks Gunner for your example script on $CamerobjectWidth and height.

I have the same problem loading saved files as Gunner. *confused*

User-inserted image

Also found I can't load examples. *eek* I get an unhandled exception error.

User-inserted image

Also is there any chance that the volume level of the MP3 Trigger Control could remember saved as part of the robot configuration so that it restored at the save level it was set at when the EZ robot file was saved? I've found it always reset to loudest volume setting and I have to change it every time I load the robot file. :D
Thanks for the PWMRANDOM fix! Can't wait to get home to try it out. Simply amazing customer support.

Thanks again, Dave Schulpius
@DJ, Thanks for the quick update (2012-12-04), all programs seem to load and save fine again.

@Bill, You are welcome:) It was fun writing it!