Introducing Synthiam, in beta mode!

I’d like to welcome you to SynthIAM – in beta mode.

A community website designed to support initiatives of DIY robot builders and the EZ-Builder software. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be continuing to add new website and software features that will help you build the robot of your dreams!

Anytime:D This is our place to hang out so i want to make sure we're all on the same page
Indeed, Much better.    

Another feature I would like to see is a "Load 10 more previous comments" button.   For instance  I'd have to hit the load 126 more comments button to see the previous 6th or 7th post.  That's a lot of scrolling.
I’d be onboard with that change as well!
The "other robot" pics wasn't an issue with me but I really like the change. Looks neat and easy to figure out now what's what. 

I also like the idea of the option of loading only 10 previous posts. Sometimes I cringe when I hit the "Load more Comments" button knowing I'll get an avalanche of posts to look through. It would be nice to just load 10 at a time and move back from there.
You mean you don't want to open and sift through 1920 more comments on @jstarne1 Omnibot-2000-Rad-2-0-Vacuum-Bot-421 thread?:p

I don't think I've ever used the sorted by most discussed drop down. It's amazing how active some of the threads are!