Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Ez-robot Retail Display

Our retail display package has been a technical challenge and success! We wanted our 100+ retailers from around the globe to provide an interactive robot experience.

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Fortunately, a local retailer gave us permission to experiment and design the display package. The JD robot has one leg hinged to a raised pexi glass plate, while he performs random and interactive actions with the public. The included android tablet displays the camera image as well. This display has undergone crazy testing - this robot has run nonstop for nearly a week!

For anyone in Calgary area who wishes to see the display, you can find it at PM Hobby Craft's south store.
February 25 2015
@Doombot... Ha, ha... and banging on the glass... "get me outta' here"...:P
February 25 2015
That is great to hear guys! We love the display as well. It will make a huge impression! ;)
February 25 2015
The display is really cool. Great job on it guys and gals.
February 25 2015
there chould be a display whit dj in it,hehehehe
i wonder iff it would sell.
February 25 2015
That's just too good DJ and gang. With JD doing his thing, and the whole display in general, your sure to make a killing. Nice job. :)