The Robot Program *coming Soon*

It's been almost a year in the making - we are less than a month away from announcing the latest and greatest interactive video series for robotics. I'm pretty excited! I'll let you all know when the website is up to begin asking you, my favorite community, what you'd like to see covered in upcoming episodes. <br /><br /><a href="/uploads/user/DB763BE15E695777689418BE7364E0A3/IMG_6875-636163018711164434.jpg" target='_blank'><img class="img-fluid" src="/uploads/user/DB763BE15E695777689418BE7364E0A3/IMG_6875-636163018711164434.jpg" alt="User-inserted image"></a><br /><br /><a href="/uploads/user/DB763BE15E695777689418BE7364E0A3/IMG_6882-636163019160137038.jpg" target='_blank'><img class="img-fluid" src="/uploads/user/DB763BE15E695777689418BE7364E0A3/IMG_6882-636163019160137038.jpg" alt="User-inserted image"></a><br /><br /><a href="/uploads/user/DB763BE15E695777689418BE7364E0A3/IMG_6883-636163019271247930.jpg" target='_blank'><img class="img-fluid" src="/uploads/user/DB763BE15E695777689418BE7364E0A3/IMG_6883-636163019271247930.jpg" alt="User-inserted image"></a>
DJ Sures
Commented December 2016
Yeah - exactly that! The concept of The Robot Program series is to...

1) provide step by step tutorials to learn how to program your robot to do awesome stuff

2) answer questions submitted by users in video format with demonstrations

3) host contests where users can upload things they got their robot to do

There are multiple categories (tags) for the tutorial content. Such as...
- Revolution robots
- roboscratch
- eZscript
- diy custom built robots
- mobile

that will allow people to easily filter for video content that they're looking for.
Commented December 2016
hmmmm, sounds like it will be fun ! :)
Commented December 2016
This sounds great. Is it another website or part of this forum/website? People use to post videos of their robots doing things - but not so much any more. I miss those videos. It was great to see what others were doing with their robots. Watching them kind of inspired me to keep working on mine. The contests were also great inspiration for people to work on their projects and share their work.
DJ Sures
Commented December 2016
It's another website - (launching in the new year for promo)
Commented December 2016
I'll be watching for it.
Shared on Friday, December 2, 2016