Tuesday, February 18, 2014

EZ-Robot Is io9's Favorite Toy in New York Toy Fair 2014!

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Original Post on i09:

For those who have been following our revent activity on the Office Cam, EZ-Robot has attended the New York Toy Fair 2014. It is a gigantic show, where all of the largest and smallest companies show off their digs. EZ-Robot is representing Revolution as an educational robot platform - focusing on schools and STEM. The response we have received has been fantastic and supportive! Our little team couldn't have asked for a better reception.

Here's the video documentary of our amazing trip!

February 18 2014
Congrats! Looking forward to the video coverage when you get back! Hopefully you took a big bite of the "Apple":)
And their quote "EZ robot was far away our favorite because it reminded us of a robot skeleton, sans Terminator skin. Also it can be almost anything you can dream up, so that is also pretty fantastic. "
Perhaps there are YT vids up as well!?