Thursday, June 19, 2014

Education Through Inspiration

3D Printing, Servo Motors, Vision Tracking, Artificial Intelligence and Programming? Robotics should be easy! After all, it is the future technology of the younger generation.

This inspired EZ-Robot Inc. to create Revolution... A fun and educational product that empowers children, adults and companies to build impressive robots with features inspired from science fiction.

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June 19 2014
Where was ez robot when I was a kid? Nice video...:)
June 19 2014
This is my favourite ezrobot video so far! Jason H did an amazing job with this:)
June 20 2014
Really awesome video. I loved seeing JD do a handstand, but even more I loved how excited and creative the kids were.

August 31 2014
Brilliant video....I'm already excited about bringing an EZ robot into our 2015 ESL school program but this just nails it home. I was planning to get SIX although after seeing this I think JD might give more options as I love the idea of the moon walk!
August 31 2014
If I had this when I was in school I just might have paid more attention in class:)

Awesome video.