Thursday, July 3, 2014

Revolution Prototype Testing Footage

You may find this interesting... A collection of video footage from various tests throughout the 2013/2014 development of EZ-Robot Revolution.:)

July 4 2014
It's making me want to grab myself a JD, I know that much! But JD can wait until after I've played with Six:)

Getting excited to see the revolution hit us:D
July 5 2014
I really like the pushup , very cool!
DJ Sures
July 5 2014
He does head stands too! Well, he can do anything you possibly want with the Auto Positioner:) as you know!
July 5 2014
Has anyone successfully made him moonwalk yet though? That's just one thing I can't wait to see the community try to tackle when the robots start shipping out:)
July 5 2014
I'm gonna cheat , micro servos with wheels in the bottom of the feet to moonwalk lol