Friday, August 29, 2014

Dj's Als Ice Bucket Challenge

I have been nominated quite a few times by community members, friends and family to enter the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS. I encourage anyone to make a donation to any charity that affects a loved one or neighbor. It doesn't need to be ALS specific.

I'd love to see EZ-Robot Community Members also participate in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge:)

August 31 2014
Lol. Dj... You scream like a girl!

No.... Seriously.

Anyways awesome idea having Jd do it!
DJ Sures
September 2 2014
Technopro, lol you do realize that's my aunt on the other side of the camera screaming, no? Geez!
September 2 2014
But DJ the timing fits in with your movements perfectly lol
September 2 2014
ok ok in DJ's defense a cold water shock to the nerves system does tend to cause the vocal cords to tighten up causing to pitch to go up.
Most men no matter how deep there voice is will have a higher pitched scream when doused in ICE COLD water. lol
September 2 2014
I didn't scream, I trumpeted like an elephant:D

We need to see more, I can't believe only DJ and myself have done this!