The Holiday Robot Contest

The World's first holiday robot contest! Submit a photo or video of your robot enjoying the Holiday Season for a chance to win $200.00 in ezrobot credit!

Send your photo, video or YouTube links to: (maximum video length: 60 seconds). The winner will be judged on creativity and originality.

Deadline for entries is Dec. 31st 2014.

Game on folks!

Commented January 2015
Thanks Troy, BHouston, Steve and Gwen!
Commented January 2015
Man you guys are awesome! I love these videos @bhouston and @Steve G! :D :D
Steve G
Commented January 2015

Thanks for what you said, and glad you liked it. I must admit I was a lil' bit gutted there wasn't a third place prize like the Halloween comp as there seemed to be more entries here, but I digress. An excellent choice was made picking the winners, and I still play back their videos to show my friends and family to show what this community is capable of.

Anyway I really enjoyed taking part, and look forward to the next competition. Well done again everyone. :D :D :D
Commented January 2015
I'm sure 2015 year's competitions will be even better as EZ Robot gains more popularity! The next contest everyone be sure to spread the word on other forums and social media. A fun video can attract dozens or more new members to the community and possibly sales for EZ-Robot. I predict the next contest will be a dance off! I am sure Rich will give everyone a run for their money if he competes , but it is anyone's game! That's the beauty of EZ-Robot , it is the robotics "equalizer".
Commented January 2015
Josh, I already have a rough dance off video on youtube and since then it has been improved so yes, there will be competition and JD will compete in a dance off. In fact, JD likes to "throw it down" and enjoys being challenged :)
Shared on Monday, November 24, 2014