Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Community Designed Ez-robot Duck Hexapod

At EZ-Robot, we receive fan mail, which is mostly letters and sometimes cookies! Today we received the greatest gift of all...

Some members of the EZ-Robot Community created a 3D Printed Robot Hexapod Duck and mailed it to our office. Excited to open the mysterious parcel, we grabbed the video camera - and perhaps for video proof if the robot duck was to attack!

*phew* The robot duck was safe and not a killer robot after all. It is now happily displayed with many of DJ's other rubber ducks from his unusual collection...

User-inserted image
March 30 2014
@Andrew do you want to share the "source" of your multiple happiness:)
March 31 2014
*confused* *confused* *confused* *confused* *confused* *confused* *confused* *confused* *confused* *confused* *confused* *confused* *confused* *confused* *confused* *confused* *confused* *confused* *confused* *confused* *confused* *confused* *confused* *confused* *confused* *confused* *confused* *confused*
March 31 2014
He just asked what made you smile
March 31 2014
Some people can't handle the excitement
March 31 2014
....or off his meds...:D