Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Ez-robot Says Farewell To 2013

As this year comes to a close, I wish to share with you my most current thoughts.

We're a little company with a big technology which is changing the world of robotics. I started this company by listening to thousands of people, just like you - who ask the question "what can robot do for me?"

That question has echoed through the minds of the people for centuries about automation and robotics. As we make advancements in technology, we occasionally stop and attempt to apply our technology to solve problems. It started many years ago in the industrial revolution as the automaton - an ancient machine capable of reproducing a selection of human tasks to offload our physical efforts.

Until recently, we lacked the computing power to achieve our goals - we were unable to make robots that assist with daily dangerous or mundane tasks.

How is EZ-Robot changing the world?
Let's identify how EZ-Robot operates. We listen to our thousands of community members from around the world and extract what they expect from robotics. These feature requests are implemented into our product to make your goals a reality.

Is EZ-Robot For Me?
EZ-Robot provides both enjoyment and education in the world of robotics, without messing about with the complicated parts. You may have an idea of a robot invention; EZ-Robot makes it possible to create your dream robot.

For business, EZ-Robot saves you time, money and increases your customer's confidence with our reliable and advanced robot features. Our controllers and SDK are licensable for any non-military application.

EZ-Robot Revolution
Introducing EZ-Robot Revolution, which is much different than any other robot platform. Revolution provides you with a simple robot product which inspires creativity. The goal of Revolution is to give you tools to create your dream robot - much like how the PC industry in the late 1970's and early 1980's enabled people to create software programs, EZ-Robot Revolution is a framework that anyone can use to easily build robotics with advanced functionality.

Rather than focusing our product on a specific function, such as vacuuming floors, we have created a collection of tools to achieve your goal. Combined with feedback from our community forum, the number of tools grows. Think of EZ-Robot as a blank canvas with a palette of colors to allow you to paint the future of robotics.

Revolution History
The origin of EZ-Robot was launched in November 2011 with the EZ-B v3 Robot Controller, EZ-SDK and EZ-Builder Robot Software. Over the past 2 years there have been 148 updates to EZ-Robot features; Ranging from Vision Tracking, Scripting Language, Speech Recognition, Artificial Intelligence, Movement/GAIT controls and hundreds more. With customers in more than 120 countries, there are thousands of impressive EZ-Robots built by people like you.

EZ-Robot Revolution encompasses EZ-Robot's easy and advanced technology in a modular Clip'n'Play platform using EZ-Bits, which can be 3D Printed at home or purchased from our online store. The concept was inspired by a community survey during a crucial point of the company's direction. The survey asked new and existing customers which EZ-Robot features were most important - ranging from lower prices to more tutorials videos. The response was in the favor of providing a modular platform, similar to Lego, but included EZ-Robot features.

Following a year of research & development toward a modular Clip'n'Play platform, EZ-Robot Revolution was born. A combination of 3D Printers, SolidWorks CAD Software, Electrical Circuit board Designs and software programming were used to create the World's most revolutionary robot product.

2013 - EZ-Robot Revolution is a Success
EZ-Robot Revolution was launched in October 2013 with a zero dollar marketing budget and our fingers crossed - all company funds had been spent on development.

The first few days of Revolution's launch was a success as sales continued to increase. Various media organizations began contacting us for information and began publishing articles. Suddenly, our sales numbers passed the arranged manufacturing ability. We realized that our product was really onto something big!

Start with (almost) nothing
Developing software costs time, not dollars. In November 2011 when I set out to create custom hardware to compliment my EZ-Builder software, the costs for manufacturing was very high - which was quite discouraging. I registered the domain, put up a website selling my product and crossed my fingers. To my surprise, I began making online sales of EZ-Robots first version EZ-B v2.1!

After soldering nearly 100 of these circuit boards by hand in my basement, the demand for an easy robot solution was evident. The sales of the first 100 EZ-B's funded the development of the next version EZ-B v3. After being featured in Make Magazine, the number of people contacting me to make a robot was increasing.

The funds from sales were then directed into the new EZ-Robot Complete Kit product - which included the EZ-B v3, Camera, and Servos in beautiful Apple inspired packaging.
Thousands of EZ-Robot Complete Kits were drop-shipped from our manufacturer to homes and businesses around the world. Our website content grew to support 200+ videos and a community forum with passionate members.

Now with EZ-Robot Revolution, I am proud to introduce the EZ-B v4 and modular Clip'n'Play chassis with EZ-Bits. The new EZ-B v4 boasts 3 x 32 Bit ARM Processors, Wi-Fi connectivity, Video, Audio and Mobile Device Support!

Before I knew it, EZ-Robot had become a company with an international presence and it didn't take any investment capital to do it! Or, did it?

Our Customer is Our Investor
The thought of taking investment in exchange for equity to start EZ-Robot didn't cross my mind because I had thousands of customers with a similar passion for robotics. After recognizing that customers were willing to invest by purchasing my product, I reinvested their funds with a return in the form of additional features. In short, EZ-Robot continues to freely add new features to our products. You are our investor!

EZ-Robot Today
Our technology has the potential for many uses outside of Revolution. We are using Revolution to demonstrate the potential of EZ-B, EZ-SDK, EZ-Mobile and EZ-Builder. Our staff count has increased from 2 to 11 in just a few months over the summer - recently settling down to comfortable number of 7 fulltime employees. The 2,400 square foot EZ-Robot Office is in Calgary Alberta Canada. Our office includes numerous MakerBot Replicator 2 3D Printers and other advanced prototyping tools.

EZ-Robot is continually adding new features to our product and controller from community feedback to maintain its position as the World's easiest and more powerful robot platform!
EZ-Robot Tomorrow

There is no need to reinvent the wheel, which is why EZ-Robot encourages organizations to include the EZ-B and EZ-SDK in their product. An increasing number of companies are contacting EZ-Robot to license our product - which dramatically decreases their R&D costs.

The future of EZ-Robot is providing a complete solution to future robot platforms. Picture an EZ-Robot Inside sticker on every new robot - which increases customer confidence. Over the next few years, you will see many new products which are powered by EZ-Robot.

What's Next?
As the shipping date for EZ-Robot Revolution approaches, I am spending my time add new features to make this product even more powerful. Our technology is developed internally by myself and EZ-Robot staff. This includes ARM Processor Code, Circuit Design, Wi-Fi communication, Mobile Apps, Camera, Audio and more.

I will continue to make new and updated video tutorials to enhance your EZ-Robot experience. There will be many updates to the website, including In-Store EZ-Credit to active community members. We will be announcing many new EZ-Bit add-ons for Compass, Accelerometer, LCD/OLED and more. Also, the EZ-Mobile version of EZ-Builder will be available to both Android and Apple iOS users shortly, which allows you to control EZ-Robots from your phone.

Big Thanks
My final words of 2013 are to the old and new EZ-Robot community. I wish to thank you for supporting my dream, and I hope that I have lived up to your expectations. As a community, together we play an important role in the future of robotics. Your robots, feedback and interaction with EZ-Robot will be cherished.

Many of you have been around since the beginning, others may have recently joined. The fact remains that you are the kind of person to recognize innovation and dedication. As a community, we are a very passionate group. I know 2014 will bring many new wonderful people and innovations to our EZ-Robot Community Family:)
December 31 2013
Well said @aameralis ... DJ, thanks for yet another awesome year... we look forward to journeying with you well into the future.
December 31 2013
Nice to know Canada is good for more than just hockey and lumber. With dj maybe we can rock the world in robotics too;)
December 31 2013
I'm honored to be a member of such a fantastic community gathered together by such a great product. Awesome post DJ:)
January 1 2014
Hi DJ & everybody else,

Nice statement ! Me too, I'm proud and honored to be a part of this community ! Fullfilling dreams is one
of the many things this community is about ! Let's do our best to make 2014 a wonderfull, prosperate, happy
New Year ! All the best for everybody, may all your dreams and whishes come true !

January 1 2014
Well with an AWESOME product and a lot of creative and very skillful minds in this community, lets just build some of the greatest robots we can and show the world what common and ordinary people can create with openminds and common everyday things laying around the house. I catch myself often looking at things in a different way, robotic ideas keep on coming to me :-} I am debating on buying a 3d printer, is now the time to buy, or will there be something better to come?