Saturday, June 8, 2013

Ez-robot On City Tv

City TV brought EZ-Robot back to see what's new at EZ-Robot. It has been a year since DJ's 2012 City TV Feature. Watch to see the evolution of EZ-Robot in a year! Amazing to see how far we've come.:)

June 8 2013
Love it (Y)
June 8 2013
Congrats DJ! You should start a TV program of your own featuring all the things you can do with EZ Robots from building your own robot with EZB at it's heart to 3D printing your own EZB robot. Each show can be a different concept and build and you can have guests that have built their own robot using EZ Robots showing how they did it. If you cant get a big TV company to pick it up maybe you could do a YouTube series and gain fame that way. You could also link to them through this web site.

Hay, you got the smile and face for TV (or maybe radio ;) ) , You may as well cash in on it!

Well done!
Dave Schulpius
DJ Sures
June 9 2013
Thanks everyone! Dave, those would be great ideas:) hopefully we will find some good programmers to hire soon. I've been the sole developer since day one.... We have brought ppl onboard in the past but our technology requirements are quite taxing.

I feel positive that this summer will be good for ezrobot:)
June 9 2013
DJ it looks like you need a well desurved rest you have been working way to hard for to long and we ALL thank you for that:)
June 9 2013
Your work is so impressive and that was an excellent way to let people know the the potential of EZ Robot:)
The advancements since I purchased my first kit in the beginning of this year are unbelievable!
Thank You and keep up the great work.
Steve S