Sunday, December 22, 2013

Ez-robot Is The Most Futuristic Gadget Of 2013

"It's been a spectacular year in tech - with a healthy mix of ups and downs - so for this special holiday edition of Radar7 we thought we'd highlight seven gadgets and gizmos that the Telefonica Digital editorial team were most excited by in 2013. This stuff is creative, useful and just really, really clever. We've tried to list mostly ready-to-go-now inventions, although some might be available only in 2014 (hey, it gives you something to look forward to). Also, we've left out Google Glass and 3D printers from the list despite their being great products, solely because they are almost too obvious and you'll have read a lot about them through the year anyway!"

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December 22 2013
Congrats EZ Robot! This doesn't surprise ma at all. I'd be bewildered if you didn't get noticed and applauded. This has to make y'all feel great! I'm honored to have been around and using your board from almost the beginning.
December 22 2013
Awesome News Team...
December 22 2013
Very cool! Well deserved ...2014 will be ahhhhmazing:)