Make an EZ-Builder Behavior Control

6. Register Plugin

In order to test your plugin with EZ-Builder, you need to register it with the website. This is a free and easy process to obtain a unique application key.

1) Visit the website.

2) Login to the website if you are currently not logged in - or create an account.

3) Press the Create Behavior Control button as highlighted in the screenshot below.
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4) A blank plugin will be auto-generated for you to complete. Because we are in the testing phase and not publishing this plugin to the world, you only need to enter the title and short description (min 40 characters) of the plugin. We will leave the other fields blank for now.

5) Save the plugin.
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6) Your plugin will require a Plugin.XML file, which contains necessary information for EZ-Builder to understand what to do with it. The Plugin.XML file is auto-generated by the website. Click on the Download XML link to save the file to your hard drive.
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7) Locate the saved plugin.xml file and COPY and PASTE it into your Visual Studio Project in the Solution Explorer.
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8) Now we will configure the Plugin.XML file to be automatically copied to your Output folder when the plugin is compiled. Select the Plugin.XML file in the Solution Explorer and change the value of Copy To Output Directory to Copy Always. This will tell the visual studio compiler to copy the plugin.xml file to your output folder when compiling/building the plugin project.
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9) Double click on the Plugin.XML file in the Solution Explorer to edit it. The contents of the file will be displayed in the Visual Studio Editing window. Review the configuration values of the Plugin.XML file. You will notice there is a Category field, which must match one of the EZ-Builder Add Control categories. For now, we will leave it configured as Beta. You will also notice the plugin GUID, that is the unique identifier for your plugin. The unique identifier cannot be edited or changed, as it links to the website plugin definition.
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10) We now need to tell the Plugin.XML file what the filename of your plugin DLL is. The DLL file is generated when you build the project. Because we have successfully built the project in the previous step, it will be in the build folder. Remember, CTRL-SHIFT-B will build the project and generate the DLL.

To locate the compiled filename of your DLL, navigate to the BIN\DEBUG folder where you have created the project. Copy the filename to your clipboard to be pasted in the Plugin.XML file in Visual Studio.
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11) Paste the filename into the Plugin.XML file and ensure it is a valid XML field. Reference the screenshot below if you are not familiar with XML.
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12) Save the Plugin.XML file now that it has the DLL Filename entered.

Now that the Plugin.XML has been created for your plugin, it can be tested in EZ-Builder. The next step will demonstrate how the plugin can be tested in EZ-Builder on your local computer.

Error: the referenced component" EZ_builder,EZ_B" could not be found, DJ Sure i hope you can help me !
#16   — Edited
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Joinny, you have to add the referencing by following the instructions in this tutorial. They are outlined with step by step to easily follow. Click add references, and browse to the appropriate files as directed in the tutorial. I can’t write anything clearer in response. The step to add references is incredibly clear but you’re skipping it.
The error cannot read the COM file, I downloaded it and when I follow the instructions, I get an error, while other files read normally.
.User-inserted image
#18   — Edited
sorry for me but i tried many different ways but still show the error,I couldn't find EZ_B.dll file even though I downloaded it
None of the required references are in your list. Please follow the tutorial. It explains exactly how to click the browse button and navigate to the folder and select the files.
Sorry, but the reason I can't reference is because there is no file in the EZ_B folder and there is an error : this folder is empty , I am trying to solve it. I would like to thank DJ sure for answering my superfluous questions and I'm sorry for bothering you