Make an EZ-Builder Behavior Control

Example: Theme Renderer

When a plugin is added to an EZ-Builder workspace by a user, the control form UI will be manipulated to provide a standard look and feel. Research has demonstrated the benefits of providing users with an unified graphical experience that promotes creativity within EZ-Builder. This is done by relieving cognitive load of the user by giving them less to think about during their robot programming sessions.

Some Theme Examples
Users configure theme colors for their EZ-Builder instance on a per user basis. This configuration is stored in the current logged-in user's registry. The color theme can be customized in the top EZ-Builder menu Options -> Preferences -> Window Theme.

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When Is A Control Form Themed?
The theme engine is called against forms when they're added to the project automatically by the EZ-Builder workspace manager. This is the same manager that allows changing desktops, smart arranging windows, loading configurations, etc.. As far as when the theme renderer is called in code, it's after the form's constructor and before the OnLoad() event.


Theme Renderer

Skip Themeing of Controls
There's two ways to have a control skip the theme process. This means the specified controls, and respective child controls will be skipped when the theme is applied. 

1) ThemeRenderer - The FormPluginMaster is the base form that your plugin must inherit. Within this FormPluginMaster is a ThemeRenderer object. You can access the ThemeRenderer.ControlsToSkipTheming in the plugin form's constructor following InitializeComponent()  For example, if you had a btnSave that wished to not be themed...


public MyPlugin() {

// Define and initialize components on plugin form

// Skip the following components from the theme renderer on form
2) Tag: SkipTheme - In the properties of a control on your plugin form, you can specify SkipTheme as the Tag value. This will instruct the ThemeRenderer to skip the control and all child controls.
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Error: the referenced component" EZ_builder,EZ_B" could not be found, DJ Sure i hope you can help me !
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Joinny, you have to add the referencing by following the instructions in this tutorial. They are outlined with step by step to easily follow. Click add references, and browse to the appropriate files as directed in the tutorial. I can’t write anything clearer in response. The step to add references is incredibly clear but you’re skipping it.
The error cannot read the COM file, I downloaded it and when I follow the instructions, I get an error, while other files read normally.
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sorry for me but i tried many different ways but still show the error,I couldn't find EZ_B.dll file even though I downloaded it
None of the required references are in your list. Please follow the tutorial. It explains exactly how to click the browse button and navigate to the folder and select the files.
Sorry, but the reason I can't reference is because there is no file in the EZ_B folder and there is an error : this folder is empty , I am trying to solve it. I would like to thank DJ sure for answering my superfluous questions and I'm sorry for bothering you