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Tutorial Making Jd Move

I cannot find the Demo Panel in the Making JD Move Tutorial. What am I missing ?

United Kingdom
Are you using the latest version of ARC and the example JD project which comes with it?
First, make sure you have the latest version of ARC. Then open the sample project for JD. I think what you are looking for is the Auto Position control.
to open the JD demo project, choose open from the file menu. Then click the Examples button on the top left. You will see some projects there. I think JD is the first one.
Thank you for the answers. This is using the latest version (today) and I am looking for the DEMO Control / Panel. See attached picture.

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Sorry, pictures do not work that way - attached as file now.
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I believe this is something that was in an older version of the example project. What I would do is play the Haunt Me soundboard V4 script. If JD is able to do this, I would say that you are all good to go. Be prepared to click the STOP button if you run into any issues like an arm stuck behind his back or something like that.
@Rolf Hi, to start the demo/dance sequence please press the play button on the Soudboard V4 control.

Since the update of the soundboard to allow scripts to play with the song the demo script has been removed.

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Thanks for the answers and yes, JD survived the dance. Question remains: why was the tutorial not updated at the same time ;)


Question remains: why was the tutorial not updated at the same time

Because they are a small company with too many tasks and not enough hours and need to prioritize some things (and yes, I saw the smiley so I know you were teasing, but that can be easily missed, so giving a real answer...).

@Rolf, as Alan said - because we're a small company and understaffed.