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Request For Support - CAN BUS Control

Challenge. Go big or go home.

I'm looking into the CAN actuators used on the Cheetah mini. They are not poorly priced ($300) and offer 150 pound/inch of torque @ 24v. They are brush less, geared and have their own built in drivers, smooth motion and quiet operation. I have an up coming project and would like to control these with EZ Builder. There are arduino shields that support CAN and there is even a pre-written sketch to send data to a CAN actuator. The actuator protocol is somewhat like Dynamixels, in that you can change ID, monitor temperature, control speed, direction and position. 

What say you? I'd like to see support added for more industrial actuators like this one, and Servos like ClearPath . Inspiration came from this guy (who cracks me up) and managed to pull this off very quickly using a few of the tools below. Hardware starts at 5:40.

Shield: https://learn.sparkfun.com/tutorials/can-bus-shield-hookup-guide/all
Sketch: https://github.com/Seeed-Studio/CAN_BUS_Shield
Actuator: Actuator

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I love Skyentific!!!:D

Good findings...cannot wait to see your implementation!!
When will we get the reveal in whats going on behind the scenes?;)
These canbus motors will be for a project next year, and if implementation happens by someone who writes a control for it...

The project I’m working on now will be showcased on my YouTube channel, set to launch in January. I usually create a robot project here, but I don’t want to spoil the surprise! This robot will cover probably 8 -10 episodes, releasing one 10-15 min video a week.
A control merely needs to bind to the OnServoMovement event of the EZB.Servo library and send respective commands to the canbus controller. It'll be easy :). We just need to know what we're sending to the canbus controller to move the servos. That means we need a protocol document. Something that says "send this and a servo will move". If we know that, it's pretty much a copy and paste of the dynamixel plugin from here:  https://github.com/synthiam/Behavior_Control_Dynamixel
In the example of the cheetah mini motors listed above ($300)  he used this Ardurino library to control:



The Gluon robotic arm motors are controlled using a small library Skyntific wrote using 11 simple commands seen here:
(these motors not available til June 2020)
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...from this video :

Nice find Will. I looked over his Kiskstarter page and was real impressed. That video with Naomi Wu is sure impressive. She really knows how to program and work that arm. Very smooth with hardly any bounce.:p
Yeah Naomi is a hoot. And really talented:)