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Connect Mip 2 Ez-Builder

can u connect a MiP to ez-builder? if so, how? *confused*
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Do you have an EZ-B v4?
There is a control for it in ARC... Have you taken the time to play with it first? See how it works, etc? Remember each control has basic information on how to use. Also have you googled the mip on it's features and functions? This would give you a good idea of how it would interface with ez robot....
i watched a video of it on youtube so i know how it works. but i still have not figured out how to make him do all of the tricks,games,etc.
Forget a video... Google it's features/details or go to wow wee robotics website to see the details on it.... It must have a data sheet on it... Anyway, If I had the same question as you this is what I would do. Once you find a data sheet on it, it should be clear on how it would work with the ezb...
i found out that it can connect to a phone or tablet using wi-fi or bluetooth,so it can connect to your computer too,right? than i can hook it up to ARC.
So my guess ARC would connect over wifi....that's just my guess..... Looking at the control it looks like this is how it works.... Remember it's ez robot so I am sure DJ made it pretty simple....
The MIP doesn't have the ability to connect to your PC. You have to connect it tor your EZ-B v4. I will add it to the list for making a tutorial. It'll be done in a few weeks:)

In the meantime, you connect the UART port 0 on the EZ-B v4
Gotta say , MIP would be a cool little dude to hack.